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Highland Giants Estate
Dog Friendly Dullstroom
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Highland Giants Estate
Connor Bass - August 2019 - Highland Gia
Highland Giants Estate
Dog Friendly Dullstroom
Briony Vine Cottage
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The Farmhouse Dec 2019
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Christina van Breggen Dec 2019 (2)
Big Bass - August 2019 - Highland Giants
The Farmhouse
The Farmhouse Dec 2019
Guinea Fowl Cottage
Dog Friendly
Bald Ibis Cottage
Guinea Fowl Cottage
Guest Photo
Guest Photo
Dog Friendly
Dog Friendly
Dogs are Welcom
Guinea Fowl Cottage
Briony Vine Cottage
Zebra family at Loch Heron
Loch Heron Dam

Privacy & your own space in your 

Self Catering Cottage;

Fly Fishing in a variety of dams & weirs;

Over 480 Ha to explore on foot or mountain bike;

Great birding & a variety of Wildlife.


Dogs are Welcome,

gardens are fenced for your peace of mind.

We understand the cost that life today exerts & know that you value your privacy.  

Chances are you won't see us during your stay,  unless you look for us.   

We don't want to intrude on your quality time  & are either busy on the farm

or enjoying time with our own family.  

There is always someone on duty & available.