Self Catering Accommodation

Our cottages are situated over 3 individual and privately owned, working farms.



Our cottages are far apart & private, no need to see or have contact with any other people

~ perfect escapeaway from the crowds in the city

We understand the cost that life today exerts & know that you value your privacy.  

Chances are you won't see us during your stay,  unless you look for us.   

We don't want to intrude on your quality time  & are either busy on the farm

or enjoying time with our own family.  

There is always someone on duty & available and our staff will check on you

daily to see whether you need your cottage serviced or extra wood, however,

they will also not call on you if that's what you prefer.

It is advisable to pack for both


as we are subject to both all year round.

You can expect to drive from 3.5 to 5 km of dirt road to get to your cottage,

Higher clearance vehicles are always preferable on gravel roads, however we are accessible to sedans and many residents drive normal vehicles. Only after a heavy rain may the road be too muddy for a standard vehicle.

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