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There are many things to do in the Dullstroom Highlands:

Enjoy our Mini Game Trail.  
Higher Clearance vehicle required (not 4x4).
Look out for Zebra, Springbok & Blesbok; as well as Jackal, warthog, meerkat, brown hyena, Mountain Reedbuck, Oribi, Serval, Caracal, duiker, baboon, genet and more
Walk and explore hidden treasures,
from iron age settlements to waterfalls and streams

Ride your Mountain bike,
Our main dirt road is over 10
km long and offers a challenging ride.  The farm roads are perfect for family rides,  or pick one of the many game trails and go wild.

Explore the Mountainside

There are no formal / set hiking or mountain biking trails on the farm, 
however there are many game trails & cattle paths to follow 
& you are encouraged to explore & enjoy.
There is also great birding up in the mountains and along the river.
Not all areas are accessible to vehicles, please stick to existing roads.
Bring your own mountain bike.

Explore the River

You are welcome to swim in the river.
Please don't swim where anyone is fishing and also be respectful of guests in nearby cottages.

Discover the hidden Waterfall

Not signposted and no map, it's a secret only for those willing to explore. 
Keep following the river, past the bridge & through the trees.
Important Note:  
You take this walk at your own risk.  Do Not hike down to the waterfall when water levels are high
 or there has been lots of rain.


Wildlife & Resident Farm Animals

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