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Fly Fish; Hike; Stroll; Bird;
Mountain bike; Take a Swim; Bass Fish
Explore the mountain or find the secret Waterfall.

Regret No Day Visitors.

Use the drop down menu or click on the links below for more info.

Enjoy our  Mini Game Trail.  Higher Clearance vehicle required (not 4x4).

Walk and explore hidden treasures, from iron age settlements to waterfalls and streams

Look out for Zebra, Waterbuck, Springbok & Blesbok;   as well as Jackal, brown hyena, Mountain Reedbuck, Oribi, Serval, Caracal, duiker, Baboon, Genet and much more

Ride your Mountain bike, Our main dirt road is over 10 km long and offers a challenging ride.  The farm roads are perfect for family rides,  or pick one of the many game trails and go wild.

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