Fly Fishing

                          Cast a fly in one of our 9 dams or any of

                                       the 5 weirs in the river

*     Fly Fishing only in all waters with the exception of Loch Heron (big

      dam), where Bass rods & bait casters may be used.

*     Flies only, no lures.  No barbed hooks, please.

*     Fly rods only. children under 12 may use coffee grinders with flies.

*     Bring your own gear or hire in Dullstroom.

*     2 fish per COTTAGE per STAY, the rest C.A.R.

*     Trout R110.00/kg.  Bass R50.00/kg.

*     2 dams are great for float tubes / kick boats

*     Pre-arranged tuition available.

*     Fishing Conditions are currently challenging due to the drought &     

      erratic  weather conditions,  however,  the patient fisherman (or woman) is often


      Due to the Financial impact of the lockdown on our business we have not been

      able to stock our waters and will not be stocking for the foreseeable future, making 

      the fishing even more challenging  

Trout are extremely weather sensitive fish & a sudden change in temperature or weather will put them off the bite, it may take a 3 - 4 days of consistent weather for them to start biting again.

We promote as  natural an environment as possible and do not pellet feed our fish.

September is our favourite time of year for Fly Fishing.

Though conditions are good in winter this is also the trout's spawning season making fishing challenging.

The drought has had an impact on the fishing and water conditions in the Dullstroom area. 

NOTE:  Stocked waters do not guarantee that you will catch a fish;  Nature

has the final say on fishing conditions.

ONLY FLY FISHING is permitted.

Fishing Conditions Record

Early Feb 2018 -

Fishing conditions are challenging but much improved after the lovely rains

March 2018 -

Fishing is significantly more challenging, however the persistent fisherman is often rewarded.

April 2018 - 

Waters are Stocked

August 2018 - 

Waters are stocked

October 2018 - January 2019 -

Late rains, low rainfall and hot temps are once again influencing the extreme

growth of grass and reeds.  Waters are however well stocked and the Trout and Bass are biting!

April 2019 -

Over 120 kg of Rainbow Trout stocked.

August 2019 -

Over 50 kg of Rainbow Trout stocked.

The Bass are spawning, making for easy Bass Fishing.

Seasonal dams are low and haven't been stocked, please reference the recommended fishing map

October 2019

Waters are stocked, bass are biting, trout are also biting but are tougher to catch.  Water levels in dams are low and warm due to late rainfall and high temps.

Jan 2020

Waters are stocked but trout seem to be off the bite due to the heat and the on and off rain.  Bass are biting beautifully and give a fantastic fight.  Some HUGE Tilapia / Breem have been caught at the upper / seasonal dams near Fish Eagle cottage.

Recommended Fishing Map as @ Jan

Explore & Enjoy

*    Enjoy our  Mini Game Trail.  Higher Clearance

     vehicle required (not 4x4).


*    Walk and explore hidden treasures, from iron

      age settlements to waterfalls and streams

*     Look out for Zebra, Waterbuck, Springbok &        Blesbok;   as well as Jackal, brown hyena,

      Mountain Reedbuck, Oribi, Serval, Caracal,

      duiker, Baboon, Genet and much more ...

*     Ride your Mountain bike

      Our main dirt road is over 10 km long and

      offers a challenging ride.  The farm roads are        perfect for family rides,  or pick one of the

      many game trails and go wild.

*    Take a dip - you are your dogs are welcome

      to swim in the dams or river, provided that

      you do not disturb any fishermen or cottages



4 km to the R540 & then you can

Explore Mpumalanga


 Pilgrims Rest

 Blyde River Canyon

God's Window

 Bourkes Luck Potholes

The Sudwala Caves

The waterfalls of Sabie

Echo Caves


Gods Window

Kruger National Park

We are 2 hours from the Phabeni gate,

spend a day in the Park and be home by 7 pm.

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