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Bookings are not transferable to alternative dates.

The 25% deposit is not refundable

We do not refund monies.  

Any refunds possibly due will be returned in the form of a credit voucher for use

towards a future booking, see more info below.

Cancellation Policy

For a cancellation made 31 days or more prior to the arrival date,

25% of the full reservation amount will be forfeited;

For a cancellation made 30 - 21 days prior to the arrival date,

50% of the full reservation amount will be forfeited;

For a cancellation made 20 -11 days prior to the arrival date,

75% of the full reservation amount will be forfeited;

For a cancellation made 10 days or less prior to the arrival date, or on the arrival date,

100% of the full reservation amount will be forfeited.

We respectfully request that guests only pay the deposit amount,

unless specifically requested 

(1 night stay or a booking for less than 10 days time).

Should you pay the full amount you do so at your own risk.


We do not refund monies paid, should you pay in full in advance and have to cancel

your booking a credit voucher, valid for a minimum of 6 months, may be issued to be

used towards a future booking.  

 Vouchers will be valid for a minimum of 6 months.

Vouchers for midweek special bookings will be limited for use against future midweek

bookings and can not be used for weekends or school holiday periods. 

Vouchers can not be used for long weekend bookings.

Once a voucher has been used against a booking it cannot be reissued, refunded or transferred.


Terms & Conditions:

Damages and breakages to / of  any items will be for the guests account.

(Damages include burnt pots, dish cloths, oven gloves, kitchen utensils, mats, bedding, towels unnecessarily soiled).


Additional cleaning charges may be billed for heavily soiled linens, towels and furnishings.


NO check in will be permitted if the full amount has not been paid upfront.


It is the guests responsibility to check that the booking is for the correct dates.

Guests arriving a day early cannot always be accommodated and

no compensation will be given should a guest get their dates wrong and arrive on the wrong day.

Rights of admission are reserved.

Rates are per person per night, not per cottage per night,

additional guests & dogs will be charged for.

Guests dogs remain their own responsibility.

Entry into Highland Giants Estate is subject to your acceptance of the following

Indemnity clause, a confirmed booking is an acceptance of this indemnity for all

guests staying and / or visiting over the booking period:

I fully understand and accept that entrance into Highland Giants Estate shall be

undertaken at my own risk and I understand on behalf of myself and fellow guests

to indemnify, hold blameless and absolve the company, its members, their associates,

employees, fellow guests and all staff of Highland Giants and any persons connected whether directly or indirectly with any of the aforementioned parties against any claims which may be made arising out of any loss, damage, injury, costs or expense to property or persons

while on the property of Highland Giants Estate of whatever nature and from any cause whatsoever so arising, even in the event of negligence of any aforesaid parties.

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