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Check-In and Check-Out

  • Check-in time: strictly from 15:00

  • Check-out time: strictly by 10:00

  • Early check-in or late check-out can be arranged in advance at an additional cost, subject to availability.


Road Conditions

Expect a 4 to 5 km drive on a dirt road to reach your private cottage. It can be bumpy at times, but the journey is short and worth it. Low profile sedans are not recommended.



Our water is sourced from a mountain borehole and is perfectly drinkable spring water. Please use it responsibly and report any leaks promptly.


Load Shedding

We are subject to load shedding. Add Kwaggashoek (6) to your load shedding app to plan accordingly.


Bicycles are welcome. However, quads and motorbikes are not permitted.


Amenities Provided

  • Linen, towels, basic cleaning supplies, and toilet paper are provided in the cottages.

  • All cottages have indoor fireplaces and outdoor braai facilities.


Cell Phone Signal & WiFi

  • Vodacom: 4G

  • MTN: 4G

  • Signal occasionally offline during load shedding

  • No WiFi on the farm.


Four Seasons in One Stay

Pack for both warm and cold weather as conditions can vary throughout the year.

Evenings: Cool to cold all year round with a mountain breeze.

Always bring something warm.

Summer: Weather is unpredictable, with potential extreme heat, heavy rain, and cold mist.  Pack a light raincoat or umbrella and warm clothing. Don't forget your swimsuit for a dip in the dams or river.

Winter: Mild days and cold nights. Windy from July to September.

Spring & Autumn: Temperate seasons. 

We experience lightning year-round.

Avoid fishing or long walks if you hear thunder or see lightning,

even if it seems distant.

When thunder roars, go indoors

Working Farm:


We are a working cattle farm surrounded by other active farms.

This means farm-related noises such as tractors and chainsaws are common.


We limit major farming activities like burning tracer lines, fire breaks, block burning, and grass cutting

to midweek during off-season periods. This scheduling allows us to offer great midweek discounts.

Please understand that these activities are essential.

Firebreaks, though temporary eyesores, protect our cottages, grazing areas, and property from potential wildfires in winter.

Bats, Bugs & Other Naturally Occurring Creatures

Being in the countryside, our farm hosts a variety of animals and

insects, depending on the season and weather.

Bats: Small bats help control mosquitoes and may occasionally enter cottages if doors are open at night. They might nest in ceilings, causing some noise, which is annoying but harmless.

Insects: Summer brings more insects and moths, attracted to light. Keep doors and windows closed at night to minimize their presence.

Mice and Shrews: Field mice and shrews may enter cottages through open doors, especially in colder weather. They are harmless.

Bush Roaches: These insects, distinct from city cockroaches, may appear in small numbers during wet, hot summers.

Frogs: Frogs are common and may cause dogs to foam at the mouth if touched. This reaction is harmless and temporary.

Snakes and Scorpions: Rarely seen, but present in grasslands. Be cautious when hiking and moving rocks. Venomous species include puff adders and rinkhals.

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