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Information for Incoming Guests


Some of this info will also be sent via your booking form and WhatsApp,

along with relevant maps and directions



Check in time is strictly from 15h00

Check out time is strictly by 10h00

We require time to properly prepare our cottages for our guests,

please assist us in this endeavor by adhering to these times, it complicates matters when guests

arrive early or leave late. Cleaning currently takes a little longer with covid sterilisation protocols.

We are subject to load shedding, it is advisable to add Kwaggashoek (6)

on your load shedding App so that you can plan accordingly.


Salt, pepper, tea, coffee, milk, 2-pin adaptors or charcoal. 

The nearest shops are 20 mins (30 kms) away in either Dullstroom or Lydenburg.

We do not keep extra large pots or potjie pots in the cottages, so should you require one please ensure that you pack your own.


Toilet roll and some firelighters

(we recommend that you bring extra firelighters with you).

Towels; Bedding and Linens are provided.

We do not offer the daily changing of towels (unless circumstances dictate otherwise). 

Refreshing of towels and linen is only offered for long stays.

additional fee's will be levied for fresh towels daily.

All bedrooms have extra blankets and some have oil heaters as well.  

Basic cleaning items

(i.e. dishwashing liquid, handy andy, bleach, tea towels. cleaning cloths, etc).

All lounges have fireplaces.

The kitchen is equipped with a residential Fridge / Freezer, an electric oven with gas hob,

a microwave oven, kettle and toaster, there is also a coffee plunger and a teapot. 



All cottages are on a septic tank system, please do not flush anything other than toilet paper

down the toilet.  NO nappies, sanitary items, wet wipes, etc. 



Only available if arranged in advance.  Tips for the staff are always very appreciated.

If you do make use of the maid service, kindly pay the lady directly in cash or leave it

in the cottage when you depart.  The cost is a min. of R100 per her visit to your cottage.

Please note that our ladies do not offer the service of doing your washing.

They will make beds, wash dishes, clean the kitchen and bathroom and

sweep and mop as needed / requested.

Our staff do not call on the cottages at all unless requested. 

Kindly let us know if you need your rubbish bins emptied.

The cottage will be stocked with FIREWOOD for your arrival.  


Extra wood is available at R 60 / large bag (+-35 kg's of wood), payable in cash

Our staff do not live on the farm and do not often work on weekends so please assist us by requesting wood the night before or earlier in the morning when staying on weekends.

Bicycles are Welcome.

Regret no quads or motorbikes permitted.

Our  WATER  is from a borehole in the mountain and is perfectly drinkable spring water.

Please be responsible with your water use and report any water leaks as soon as possible.


Vodacom - 4G

MTN - 4G - often offline during loadshedding

Cell C - slow for data

There is no WiFi on the farm.



It is advisable to pack for both WARM & COLD WEATHER as we are subject to both all year round.


Dullstroom often see's four seasons in one day, regardless of the time of year.

Evenings are cool to cold all year round with a mountain breeze blowing through - it is always advisable to bring something warm to wear.

We are in an area that experiences lightning all year round, please do not fish if you hear thunder of see lightning in the vicinity, even if it seems far away.

Summer is our most erratic time of year weather wise, we can go from extreme heat, to heavy rain to cold mist over a period of hours.  Bring a light rain coat or umbrella as well a something warm to wear.  Don't forget to pack your swimming costume in case you want to take a dip in one of the dams or the river.

Winter offers mild days and cold nights.  July - September are our windy months.

Spring & Autumn are our most temperate seasons, but it is still advisable to pack for all weathers.

Bats, Bugs & Other Naturally Occuring Creatures

Being situated in the countryside the environment is completely natural and therefore animal and insect life is to be expected, the type of creature and their activity is very dependent on the time of year and weather conditions.

We have a bat community in the area, these are small bats who eat mosquitoes and other small insects, they are harmless but one will occasionally fly into a cottage, particularly if doors are left open at night with lights on inside.

Insects and moths hatch mainly in summer when there is high rainfall and heat, the number of hot days determines the number of "goggo's" that hatch.  Most insects, moths in particular are attracted to light so it is not advisable to leave the windows and doors of the cottage open at night if there are many lights on.

The grasslands are an ideal environment for a variety of field mice and shrews, occasionally one braves its way into a cottage through an open door, they are not harmful.  Another creature endemic to the grassland and bush of South Africa is the infamous "bush roach", this insect looks like a "normal cockroach" but has longer wings.  These insects, though ugly, are not the same as the "city roaches" and are not indicative of dirt.  They tend to occur in small numbers during the high wet heat of mid summer.

There are a variety of frogs in the area and you will enjoy their song on summer nights, do not be overly alarmed, however, if your dog gets hold of one and starts retching and foaming at the mouth, this is a natural reaction to the slime that covers the frog and as far as we know none of them are poisonous and the effect shouldn't last more that a few hours at the most, just ensure that your dog has lots of water to drink.

The grassland is also home to snakes and scorpions, though they are rarely seen.  Please watch where you put your feet when hiking and be careful when lifting or moving any rocks.  The venomous snakes that occur in our area are puff adder and rinkals.

Entry into Highland Giants Estate is subject to your acceptance of the following INDEMNITY clause, a confirmed booking is an acceptance of this indemnity for all guests staying and  or visiting over the booking period:

I fully understand and accept that entrance into Highland Giants Estate shall be

undertaken at my own risk and I understand on behalf of myself and fellow guests

to indemnify, hold blameless and absolve the company, its members, their associates,

employees, fellow guests and all staff of Highland Giants and any persons connected whether directly or indirectly with any of the aforementioned parties against any claims which may be made arising out of any loss, damage, injury, costs or expense to property or persons

while on the property of Highland Giants Estate of whatever nature and from any cause whatsoever so arising, even in the event of negligence of any aforesaid parties.

  Emergency Numbers  


Doctor - Lydenburg Medical Centre  013 235 2205

Hospital - Nelspruit Mediclinic 013 759 0500

Vet - Sterkspruit Veterinary Clinic 013 235 4132 / 076 053 7178

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