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Bass Fishing

~ Briony Vine Cottage ~ 

We have 2 non-fly fishing dams,

1 dam has Large Mouth Bass and the other has bass and Rainbow Trout.

All other waters are for Fly Fishing only, have a look at the map below to see

which dams you can use your "normal" fishing gear at.

Catch and Release Preferable.

No barbed hooks, all barbs must be crimped.

Each paid fisherman can keep 1 fish at no cost, any additional fish must be paid for.

Trout R 200.00 per kg

Bass R100.00 per kg

fish that are damaged or harmed must be kept.


Bring your own gear.

DO NOT fish if there is thunder or lightning, even if it is in the distance.

Fish are sensitive, trout in particular, and need to be handled correctly,

please see the info and links to follow on how to properly handle

and release both trout and bass, this will preserve their

health and leave them to be caught another day.

Please do not lay fish on the ground, if necessary use a clean, wet rock

but preferably on your net

Layout of Bass Fishing Waters

from Briony Vine Cottage


Download the map for easy reference

We promote as natural an environment as possible and do not pellet feed our fish.

Stocked waters do not guarantee that you will catch a fish;

Nature has the final say on fishing conditions.

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