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All breeds, from miniature to extra large, are welcome,

however, we regret, no Huskies are permitted without prior arrangement

as our facilities may not be sufficient for this amazing escape artist. 

Bring your dogs own bedding & food bowls.
Treat your dogs for ticks before your visit.   
If they are due please, de-worm your dogs at least 2 weeks before your visit.

Should your pet be inclined to jump on furniture we request that you bring your own covers.
Should your pet sleep with you we request that you bring your own bedding and linen.

Remember that your dog may get very dirty whilst racing around, it's a good idea to bring an old towel to clean him / her off with.




1.  Pets are allowed only with prior arrangement with management.

2. Furniture Restrictions:
   - Pets are not allowed on furniture or beds.

If your pet tends to jump or sleep on furniture, please bring your own bedding and covers.

3. Maintaining Cleanliness:
   - Keep pets off the furniture for the comfort of future guests.

If you find evidence of pets on furniture from previous guests, inform us during your stay so we can address it.

4. Cleaning Charges:
   - Additional cleaning charges apply for muddy prints, excessive hair, urine, feces, or other messes.

Guests will be charged for any items damaged or stained by pets.

5. Leash Requirements:
   - Bring a leash for your dog. You may walk them off-leash, but keep the leash handy for

encounters with resident animals or other guests.

6. Consideration for Others:
   - Avoid walking near other occupied cottages, especially with off-leash dogs.

There is ample space on the farm to avoid disturbing other guests.

7. Farm Animals:
   - Always carry a leash on the estate. The farm has cattle, sheep, goats, horses, zebras, and blesbok.

Guests are liable for any damage or harm caused to livestock by their pets.

Inform us if your dog is likely to chase animals.

8. Guest Responsibility:
   - Highland Giants Estate is not responsible for dogs not owned by the estate.

Ensure your dog is with you at all times .


9. Guest Risks:
   - Bringing dogs is at your own risk. HGE is not liable for parasites, illnesses, or injuries your dogs may

acquire on the farm. Cottages are treated for fleas , and we trust guests to only bring healthy dogs.

Acceptance of a quote and payment of deposit serves as an acceptance of all policies, terms and conditions and indemnities

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