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Historical Fishing Conditions & Record

August 2019 -
Over 50 kg of Rainbow Trout stocked.
The Bass are spawning, making for easy Bass Fishing.
Seasonal dams are low and haven't been stocked
October 2019
Waters are stocked, bass are biting, trout are also biting but are tougher to catch. 
Water levels in dams are low and warm due to late rainfall and high temps.

Jan 2020
Waters are stocked but trout seem to be off the bite due to the heat and the on and off rain. 
Bass are biting beautifully and give a fantastic fight. 
Some HUGE Tilapia / Breem have been caught at the upper / seasonal dams near Fish Eagle cottage.

July 2020
We stocked 3 of our weirs with Rainbow Trout on 21 July 2020!

August 2020
An additional 70kg of trout stocked!
We now offer 6 stocked fishing waters and are hoping for good rain this summer so that we can stock our other dams.


March / April 2021
Waters have been stocked again and the fish are biting, excellent trout and bass fishing at the moment in all waters.

Stocked - October 2021

Waters that are currently fisheable have been stocked with over 100 kg's of Rainbow Trout,
with focus being on Glenshanna dam (in front of Fish Eagle Cottage), Buchanan dam
(in front of The Farmhouse), and the 3 major weirs.

Water levels have suddenly dropped due to spring heat and lack of rainfall. 

Grasses have appeared in some waters due to these conditions, the waters are being treated accordingly, however it is a slow process. Bring on  the rain!

Loch Heron (the big dam) is well stocked but undergoing treatment for grass growth. 
You are welcome to Fly fish there  if you are up to the challenge, however its better fishing for the non fly fisherman at the moment.


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